A project I have been working on with the Divi theme (which is hands down the best WordPress Theme ever) required lazy images to essentially be disabled, and this was months after the site had been built with a lot of images already in place on pages. I could change the properties in Divi 2.5 on each image or I could do the following.

Look for the following bit of code in the following file: wp-content\themes\Divi\includes\builder\scripts\frontend-builder-scripts.js at line number: 2834

if ( $.fn.waypoint ) {
$( '.et_pb_counter_container, .et-waypoint' ).waypoint( {
offset: '75%',
handler: function() {
$(this).addClass( 'et-animated' );
} );

If you change the 75% to something like 400% then lazy loading will essentially be disabled for all intents and purposes on the site. Quick fix.