I discovered another useful social networking tool that is in beta. It is called Pikter. The concept behind this tool is similar to what http://ping.fm does with status updates, but for pictures.

You submit your picture to Pikter.com via a secret email address and your picture automatically gets sent to the social networks that you have choosen to setup with Pikter.com. Currently, you can send to twitter, Gospelr, Flickr, Picasa, and Jaiku. I expect that they will be adding more services in time.

I really look forward to this service evolving with more networks in the near future. This is already so extremely valuable for those of us who have friends on different social networks. This allows us to get our pictures into most of our friends hands without needing to go to each social network. In short, this is a real time saver.

My personal wish list of features for Pikter.com:

Facebook – have the picture go to the mobile upload area for a Facebook account.
Blogger – Create a blog post with the picture in it.
WordPress.com &.org – Create a blog post with the picture in it. (or maybe even allow self hosted setups choose a default folder to upload the photo to.)

Pikter.com is currently in beta, so you will need an invite code to setup an account, so if you would like an invite code send me a message and I will get one to you.