I happened across a micro-blogging / status updating service intended for Christians that I would like to share with you. It is called gospelr (sounds like gospeler). The idea behind this service is for Christians to share updates with family and friends (just like twitter, or any other similar service), but also to broadcast prayer requests or ministry updates to a social community of believers. I think this is a very clever use of social technology to promote the Gospel. It is nice to see a young generation of Christians thinking outside of the box and looking for new avenues to share their faith, and to help others do the same. I have big hopes for gospelr.com and hope they can pull in a large base of Christian users.

Gospelr.com is also connected with Twitter (via Twitters API), so you can actually setup your gospelr.com account to automatically post to twitter.com as well. This is a nice addition which makes it so you won’t need to post your update in multiple places, you could simply update gospelr.com and twitter gets it too. I am personally hoping that ping.fm will support this service in the near future as well. (I use ping.fm to update a wide array of social networks all at once.)

So, why not check out gospelr.com and see how social networking can be used to share the Good News?

PS: If you are interested you can find me on gospelr.com at http://gospelr.com/jeffbristow