This script and following manual directions are for use on Ubuntu 7.10, a distribution of Linux.

Gizmo5 A Free phone for Your Computer I noticed that Gizmo Project hasn’t created a 64 bit .deb of their VOIP application, so I thought I would provide a Installer script that can be used to quickly Install Gizmo Project onto a 64-bit Ubuntu system. I have tested this on Ubuntu 7.10 64-bit.


1. Download the Gizmo Installer script from here.
2. Save this file to your desktop. (this location is important for the Installer script to run properly)
Download File
3.Right click on the file you just downloaded and extract the file to the desktop.
Extract to the Desktop
4.You will now see a folder on your desktop called Gizmo-Installer. Open this folder up.
5.Double Click on the Gizmo Installer Launcher. (the highlighted file in the picture below)
You will now see two files being downloaded for you. Simply allow these files to download and wait until you are prompted for your password.
terminal download
6. When the script requests your password type it in.
7. The script will then install Gizmo Project and gather the necessary libraries using getlibs. Once the script closes itself Gizmo Project is installed.
8. You can now go to Applications –> Internet –> Gizmo Project to run Gizmo in Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit !

Gizmo Project in Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit.

If you would like install this manually without using the script above you can follow these directions.

If you follow these step by step instructions you should have a working copy of Gizmo Project installed in just a couple of minutes.

1. Download the getlibs application. ( This will save the getlibs installer to your desktop.)
2. Double click on the getlibs-all.deb file on your desktop and then click install. Type in your password if requested. Getlibs is now installed.
3. Next we need to get the Gizmo5 application. Download the 32-bit deb file from Gizmo Project. ( This should save the file to your desktop. Go ahead and leave it there.)
4. Open the Terminal by going to Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal
5. Now type in the following commands

sudo dpkg -i --force-all Desktop/gizmo-project_3.1.0.79_libstdc++6_i386.deb

Type in your password when requested.

6. Next type in the following command.

getlibs /usr/bin/gizmo

Gizmo Project is now installed and can be found in Applications –> Internet
Please let me know if the installer script works for you by leaving a comment. I have not been able to test this on another system yet, so I am not 100% sure that the installer script works perfectly.