Web technologies are currently transforming and a wide array of Web 2.0 applications can be found all over the web. A web 2.0 application is essentially an application that you use through your web browser to perform a task that would have required software to be installed on your PC. A good example of this is Google Docs & Spreadsheets. If you need basic word processing or spreadsheets (excel) then you no longer need to download OpenOffice or purchase the very expensive Microsoft Office. It really is amazing. New updates are transparent to the users as you get the latest version of the software each time you go to the Google Docs website.

While I was browsing for cool web 2.0 applications I came across a website called Zoho. They have 15 web 2.0 apps and they are all free. (some have extra features for a small fee) You can essentially replace Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with some free web 2.0 apps from Zoho. This may not be a great situation for Microsoft in the future. Zoho also has a tool called creator. This is the slickest web 2.0 app I have ever seen. I was able to create a web 2.0 contact form for my website within minutes. The form emails me and stores the results in a database. I didn’t need to know any programming languages, it was all drag and drop. I believe Zoho is really onto something here and I see some serious potential for web based application creation tools in the future. (I you are interested in seeing the basic Zoho Creator form I made you can click here.)

If you are interested in web technologies I would highly recommend checking out what is going on over at Zoho.com

I wonder how long it will be before Zoho gets bought by google, yahooo, ask, or microsoft……..