Today I updated a few things on The comment section following every blog post is now done through a service called disqus. This will allow me to have the comment section for this site and other sites that I operate to be more uniform and ‘work together’. You can still leave anonymous comments just as you could before, but if you do choose to ‘login’ to disqus, you can claim your profile and other users can even see other sites you are leaving comments on. (any site that is disqus enabled, that is). Previous comments have not been lost, in fact they have all been imported into disqus. Essentially you will not notice any significant difference in making comments on this site. The big change for you is that now you can reply to a specific comment and see a discussion ‘thread’ rather than all of the comments simply stacking on top of each other.

The other addition is the page curl at the top right of the site. ( I noticed that Internet Explorer is unable to display the page curl. If you are wanting to see what it is you can use just about any other web browser. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari…) I will be using this page curl as a teaser for content that I want to have stand out more than some of the other content on the site. Most sites use this for advertising, but I think a better use for it is as a clever teaser tool.

[Update: I also added in a rating feature to each post. You can rate a post from 1-5 stars. I would love for you to comment as well, but a rating would be nice as well.)

Feel free to let me know what you think about any of these changes, or any other enhancements you might want to see at