A big change has happened today. And it involves two websites. The site you are on right now and the former home of my personal blog, thebristows.com. I have decided to move my personal blog from thebristows.com to https://jeffbristow.com and keep http://thebristows.com as a family blog. What this means is that all of the content formerly found on thebristows.com is now located at jeffbristow.com.

This may sound like a simple move, but I wanted to move my blog and keep all my traffic. I had to find some way to redirect traffic dynamically to the proper page on the new site. This evening at about midnight I figured out how to do this. I am using a 301 redirect with some fancy variables in a .htaccess file. It is all rather techy, so I won’t get into it. But the result is very cool. You will begin to see non-family content vanish from thebristows.com over the next few hours or days, but all of the old URL’s to that content will still work by directing traffic to jeffbristow.com.

An example will be handy to explain this:
I have removed an article from thebristows.com that I wrote called ‘Pikter.com – The Ping.fm of Pictures’. The URL for this page is: http://www.thebristows.com/blog/tech/piktercom-the-pingfm-of-pictures This article no loner exists on this site. But if you click the link you are taken directly to this article on https://www.jeffbristow.com. This allows me to retain all of the traffic going to various articles on thebristows.com, and lets me move my personal blog to a completely different domain.

NOTE: If you subscribe to my personal blog you will need to change your RSS reader link. The new RSS Feed for my personal blog is: https://www.jeffbristow.com/feed