I am using Bluehost.com to host this website. I switched to them to save some money, and so far it has been a huge hassle. The initial setup and transition went smoothly. Then all of a sudden my websites IP address was changed because of ‘server problems’. When my sites IP address changed this made it so nobody could access the site.

After a good number of back and forth discussions with support over last weekend I was assigned a permanent static IP address that would never change.

Then yesterday morning my IP address changed to a dynamic shared IP address.

I contacted BlueHost support again and they told me about more ‘server issues’ and they would be resolved quickly.

After a few more hours I contacted them again requesting a status update and they responded by telling me everything is working and that my IP address had been changed back. So, I checked and it had not been changed back. So I requested that they do so.

Yesterday late in the evening they sent me a message with a new IP address stating that the old one was ‘broken’. So I changed my DNS to point to the new IP address and it appears that propagation has happened rather quickly this time around. This change can take up to 72 hours, but at this time there are likely people who are still unable to access the site due to this change not being fully propagated.

I have now requested clarification that this IP address is truly ‘static’ , meaning that it will never change. I have serious doubts about BlueHost’s ability to provide a true static IP address at this point, so I may be switching webhosts soon. However, this isn’t the best time for me to do this since little Jack is likely to be arriving this week, which would mean I won’t have the time to switch providers. So for now I will stick with BlueHost and see how things go over the next few days. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see another site outage soon. That is the BlueHost way. 🙂