I have some readers who come here to get updates about how I am doing with my health and fitness goals. I also have readers who come here to see what I am thinking about politics. I have found that the readers who are looking for my fitness updates are not interested in reading my political ramblings. đŸ™‚

Fitness BlogWell, I got the message. So, I have launched My Fitness Blog. This blog has all of the posts form this site that fall under the Health or Life categories. So, if you want to avoid my political ramblings you can head over to http://blog.jeffbristow.com . If you want to see everything I am writing about you can remain right here at https://www.jeffbristow.com .

Thank you to all of my readers, it is great knowing that there are people actually reading what I am writing. I hope this change is a nice surprise for some of you!