I thought I would share some information about the graphic at the top of the site. The kids and hut on the right of the screen are from a picture that Jaime and I took while in Kenya in October of 2005. The Lion is also a picture we took while in Kenya while riding in a van. No zoom was used. (yeah, it was close)

I integrated these pictures into the background picture of a bridge over a misty creek. I pictured these kids looking across the bridge to God. I then had the thought that this bridge is like Christ, bridging the gap between us and God. I was going to place the Lion on the other side of the bridge. So the Lion would represent God and the bridge as Jesus. However, I wanted to also show that God and Jesus are one. So I wanted to show the Lion doing something that we know Jesus has done. So I placed the Lion on the water, like he is walking on the water. So for all who were wondering why we are using this header graphic, now you know.