Sarah Palin The blogosphere has been a buzz with the choice for VP that John McCain has made. In case you have been living under a rock, he has chosen Sarah Palin, the current Governor of Alaska to be his running mate. The majority of the mainstream media has fairly negative write ups regarding Palin. Criticisms that she is a mother of five. Criticisms that she is the mother to a 5 month old baby with down syndrome. Criticisms that her 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant. Criticisms that she is from Alaska. Criticisms that she has only been a Governor for two years. In short, the criticisms are a long laundry list.

However, nearly every conservative that I know is excited about Palin. I also find myself energized about the November election now. The criticisms that I keep hearing make me like Sarah Palin more, the more I hear them. I am guessing that others feel the same way.

She is a mother of five, yet strives to work hard and is a Governor. This sounds like the goals of the feminist movement, to be a mother and have a successful career. Also, sounds similar to a woman described in Proverbs 31. So, it is hard for me to see this as a real criticism.

She has a five month old baby with down syndrome. This fact energizes me. She kept her baby, and society seems to think that somehow this is a horrible thing, to bring a child into the world that has downs. I applaud her for accepting the extraordinary gift and challenge that this child will bring for her family. She has a good handle on being pro-life, and her life shows it in more than just words, but through her actions.

Her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant. This seems shocking from a conservative family, but it is Sarah’s daughter, not Sarah who is pregnant with another mans child. Her response has been to unconditionally love her daughter and help her through this challenging time. An excellent example of how a Christian should handle this situation. Should her daughter have been ‘involved’ before marriage? Certainly not, but it happened and Sarah Palin’s response will resonate among Christians who understand that our faith is about Grace and Forgiveness, and not harsh condemnation.

She is from Alaska. This is far from Washington and really isn’t mainstream America. And this is precisely why I think she is a perfect choice for VP. She is a true outsider and has a record of being hard on the establishment. If McCain is serious about changing Washington, he has certainly made a convincing case by choosing Sarah Palin.

She only has two years of experience as a Governor. This isn’t a lot of experience, and it would be nice if she had more. But more experience results in being more of an insider more often than not. Her experience however has given her executive experience, something that neither McCain, Obama, or Biden have any of. So, I see the experience issue a silly argument that only sheds light on how weak every candidate is in this election.

Sarah Palin is a new entry into the vocabulary to America, but we will all be learning more about her as the weeks pass up to November 4th. I feel that this choice may very well be a stroke of genius. Before this choice I was convinced that Obama would sweep America by storm, but I think McCain is going to put up a strong fight. It is anyones game this November, so this will be an interesting ride to watch America decide how they want to shape history.