Barrack Obama has been receiving a wave of support across the country. He is on his 10th win, and each day that passes looks like Hilary Clinton will need to write a book to stay employed.

060922_BarackObama_XtrawideBarrack has a basic message that everyone is essentially able to agree with. Politics needs to change. Washington needs to change. The message is Change. We all know that our Government is unable to actually ‘do’ things because of partisan politics. Barrack is running as the unity candidate, not to unite the democratic party, but to unite the nation. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or any other group you can think of. Crowds continue to grow to hear him speak. It is almost like he is a rock star. He even has young women fainting in front of the stage. Elvis, eat your heart out.

I too find myself drawn to Obama because I agree with his base message of change. But I have significant reservations when it comes to Obama. ( I may spell those out sometime later. ) So, it will be very interesting in the General election to see if his base message of change can become more defined. What will the change be? Change does not always end up being a good thing. So he will need to develop his platform and share with America the details of what change actually means. I suspect I won’t agree with the some of the changes he wants to initiate, and maybe agree with some.

One thing I really do like about Obama is that he is beating Hilary Clinton. And I hope he makes a very wise decision and does not choose Hilary to be his Vice President.