Pledge for Huckabee
I ran across a website that is calling for people to pledge $25 to Mike Huckabee. That website is The pledge says that you only need to send in $25 if the website can get 10,000 people willing to make the $25 pledge. Currently the site has a long road ahead since they only have 555 people who have given this pledge as of today.

I encourage you to learn more about Mike Huckabee, learn about his background and what his vision is for America. If you then believe he is the right person to be the President of the United States would you consider taking the pledge for Huckabee?

I believe in Mike Huckabee, and that he still has a chance to become the Republican nominee. I know a lot of the media is using the word ‘impossible’ to describe his chances. But it is still possible. And as long as it is, Mike Huckabee will remain in the race, and I will continue to do all I can to help get the word out about him. I am convinced that when people learn about Mike, they like him and where he stands on the issues. He isn’t the usual politician, nor is he the usual Republican. So check him out, you just might like him.