The title of this post is a question that some conservatives are really struggling with. I know the talk radio hosts are having a very difficult time wrapping their minds around this movement.

John McCainJohn McCain certainly does not carry the Republican Party banner and wave it around. He is willing to work outside of the Republican Party if he sees it as necessary to accomplish something. He is often criticized for not following the party line on a number of issues. So Republicans have legitimate issues with some of John McCain’s policy positions. Illegal Immigration is the biggest one that comes to mind. I honestly can’t say I agree with John McCain on some significant issues as well. So much so that I didn’t vote for McCain in the Florida Primary yesterday.

But I think I understand why America seems to be gravitating towards John McCain. John McCain is a man of integrity. He has worked hard in the Senate and is willing to work with Democrats. America is sick and tired of partisan politics in Washington. We want leaders who lead, who work together and can accomplish something. With a country so divided between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party we have a government that is ineffective at actually accomplishing things. America needs a uniter not a divider, and John McCain is the only Republican that has a track record of doing this at the national level.

So, I essentially believe that John McCain is getting votes more based on who he is, than where he stands on the issues. And I know this must annoy many conservatives to no end. But we need to understand that America wants someone they can trust. Someone who doesn’t run for one political office as a liberal and then runs for another office as a conservative. We want someone who is who they are, no matter what the situation. I believe America sees this as being more important than disagreements about policy. John McCain is a moderate conservative and always has been. He is not a far right Republican. He attracts independents and others who don’t see the world as just right or left. And our current political situation requires this form of leadership, America is far too divided for us to have a further divisive President. If John McCain wins the nomination it won’t be the end of the Republican Party. It might actually make the Republican Party get in gear and get ready to work with the Democrats to actually help America. What a novel idea. In my opinion Mike Huckabee is a much better choice for the republican Party. Mike Huckabee has experience working with Democrats for over 10 years as the Governor of Arkansas and is more conservative than John McCain. But I am able to understand the McCain surge, and why people would see John McCain as a better choice over Romney or Giuliani.

So do I think John McCain essentially has the nomination in hand already? No. I still think the race will be a three person race between Huckabee, McCain, and Romney. I do expect Giuliani to drop out of the race soon, and I think this will give John McCain a clear edge since I expect most Giuliani supporters to support McCain over Huckabee or Romney.

Maybe after Tsunami Tuesday the picture will be clearer where the Republican Nominee stands.