Three States have designated their delegates to the Presidential hopefuls as of today. Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama took first place in Iowa a few days ago and last night New Hampshire had their primary. John McCain and Hilary Clinton grabbed first place there. So of course all the buzz today is about Hilary Clinton and John McCain coming back and surprising some political analysts.

Instead of talking about this obvious buzz I want to talk about who is currently in the lead by delegates for the Republican Party. Delegates are what win a primary, so this is somewhat important.

Here are the standings as of this morning:

Republican Delegates (1,191 needed to win nomination)
Candidate Delegates
Rudy Giuliani 0
Mike Huckabee 31
Duncan Hunter 1
John McCain 7
Ron Paul 0
Mitt Romney 29
Fred Thompson 3
Total 71

As of January 9th Mike Huckabee still has the lead in the Republican race for the nomination. You might not realize that if you are watching the news today. But even a third place finish in New Hampshire keeps him in the lead. I am obviously a Mike Huckabee supporter (just look at this website, I am not trying to hide it) so I find this to be exciting. Coming in third place in New Hampshire was certainly good news for Mike and keeps him in the lead, at least for now. He looks strong in the polls for Michigan and South Carolina as well. (but we know we can’t always trust the polls) I believe that Mike Huckabee is appealing to a much larger audience than just the evangelicals. Fox News would disagree with this, but I think they will begin to change their tune over the next few weeks. People are beginning to hear Mike’s positive message for America. His discussion about vertical politics is what is in the hearts and minds of the American people. I see similarities in how Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama have a smiliar message for America. Both want to get past partisan politics and move this country forward. They both have very different visions for moving forward, but their message resonates with America. We are sick and tired of liberal versus conservative. This division is destroying our nation. We want our leaders to lead, to govern with conviction and integrity. To work together and not against one another because they are in one party or another. We are also tired of negative campaigning. We want change. We want civility. Change is the buzz word this year. And it means America wants change from how politics have been operating in this country. Not necessarily a change for more taxes, or universal healthcare, or even the fair tax. When people say they want change, they want politics to change. They want leaders with integrity. The buzz for change in Washington is not about ideology but about making Government work for us, rather than simply working against themselves. The hope is that if the right person is elected as the Commander in Chief this can actually happen. I am not so naive to believe that the President can truly ‘fix Washington’, but I think it can start with one person.

So why am I supporting Huckabee? Because he stands for what he believes in. He does not see the world as either right or left, but as up or down. He wants to take America up. He wants America to prosper and be great. He isn’t the poster child for the Republican party. He has a record of working with Democrats to actually get things accomplished in Arkansas. This experience makes him an ideal candidate to lead America during this time of great ideological division. We need America to come together and not remain liberal and conservative. This general message is what Americans are hearing from Mike Huckabee, and they like it. This is also the message we are hearing from Barack Obama, and Americans like it. It is my hope that America will have the opportunity to choose between two people who don’t want to look at the world as right or left.