Today Jaime and I went to the Nissan dealership and the Honda dealership. Interestingly the Honda Fit which is supposed to be the most expensive of the three cars we are looking at is actually not the most expensive. The Nissan Versa is because the Nissan dealer has added $2,000 to their price tags for under body coating and junk like that. So the Versa is $2,ooo more expensive than the Honda Fit.

After driving the Honda Fit we know that this is the car we want to get. It is leagues better than the Yaris. The way the seats fold down is complete genius and will provide lots of cargo room and lots of JoJo room.

However, we didn’t have time to get a real deal worked out today so we will be heading back Thursday evening.

So by the end of the week we may be saying goodbye to the Explorer and hello to the Fit.

Honda Fit