2016 Election GraphicSince the 2008 election, I have become more libertarian in my views. I see the continued failings of over reaching Government into the lives of citizens. In 2012, I was unable to vote for the Republican nominee. I identify more as a conservative and the Republican party seems to have evolved to simply being socialist-lite, rather than being about virtues that have made the United States a great country.

The 2016 election looks interesting. On the liberal side is Bernie Sanders who a lot of people are gravitating to. He has one position I actually like, having businesses not be allowed to donate to political campaigns. Not many people think this should be banned, at least not those who lean conservative or libertarian. In my opinion a business should not be considered a person and should not have the rights of an individual. Big money is ruining or has ruined our political system. Get the big money out and I believe third and fourth party candidates could have a shot. And I believe this would be good for America. However, Bernie wants to give everybody everything on the tax payers dime. One example is he wants to make College ‘free’, which will cost a fortune and devalue the degree itself. The United States is under a pile of debt larger than what anyone can comprehend so we are simply in no position to create more entitlement programs. Bernie will spend and give to get the votes. This is not a solution for America that is sustainable. Hilary Clinton looks like she will be on trial or in jail by the time the election happens so I don’t think she is really a candidate to even be considering at this point. America has surprised me in the past, but I can’t imagine enough people voting for her since everything she has touched seems to be a scandal.

On the GOP side, the side I consider to be a bit closer to my corner of the world view spectrum, there are a number of interesting candidates. Mike Huckabee is running again, whom I rallied for back in 2008. However, I don’t think he has a real chance this go around. If Huckabee were to become the GOP nominee I could certainly vote for him, though I don’t see eye to eye with him on every issue. The big contender right now is Donald Trump. And I have to admit, there is a lot that I like about him and a lot that I don’t like. I really like that he is blunt, to the point, and says whatever he wants. He is no politician. And I along with many others really like that he is no politician. He doesn’t give specifics on most of his policy plans, but at this stage I think that is reasonable. He doesn’t have the right team put together to create those plans now, and can simply share his overall concepts. If Donald Trump becomes the GOP nominee it is likely that I will vote for him. I do think he is arrogant, and holds grudges which is simply childish for a man of his age, and yes I do find these traits to be concerning. But, at the same time I think he could be the right person for the job and I do like a significant number of his positions. We live in a country that is on the verge of collapse due to high debt, jobs are leaving our shores left and right. Donald Trump has a history of getting things done and maybe even the right personality to turn things around and make America Great Again. In an ideal world I would be for completely open borders and complete free trade, but those terms simply don’t exist in this world because other nations introduce tariffs and have controlled borders. It makes it difficult for the United States to compete when people come here not to work and make a life, but to live off of the work of others. It makes it difficult for the United States when countries have taxes on our goods yet we import theirs freely. This simply takes jobs away. So, I see Donald Trump’s policies on immigration and free trade being far from ideal, yet realistic for the real world that we live in.

At this early stage in the election cycle there is truly only one GOP candidate I could not vote for, and that would be Jeb Bush. We are not an oligarchy, so if America elects another Bush or Clinton into office it will be shameful. There are millions of other people who can fill these shoes, and we need to elect someone outside of those two families.

My prediction is that Joe Biden will enter the race soon and become the Democrat nominee, and I am predicting Donald Trump to win the GOP nominee. But, I would prefer to see a Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump race in 2016. Those two candidates are so radically different in policy as in personality that it would make for a very interesting Presidential race.