The Last Patriot Book Cover A few months ago I learned about this book from listening to the Glenn Beck radio program. So I pre-ordered it from Amazon, and just received it in the mail over the weekend. I am about 20% of the way through the book and I am finding it is difficult to put the book down. This book is, in a sense, the DaVinci Code for Islam. Brad Thor writes a fictional scenario where a final revelation was given by Muhammed that changes the very foundation of Islam. And just as Dan Brown claims to have ‘evidence’ for his fictional drama in the DaVinci Code, Brad Thor also claims to have ‘evidence’ for his fictional drama in The Last Patriot.

Yet, even though Brad Thor is writing some fiction, he believes that there is some lost portion of the Quran that if unveiled would shatter the foundation of Islam.

Something I must note is that Brad Thor may not be treated as kindly by his critics as Dan Brown. Dan Brown has taken criticisms from Christians and has had books written to counter his theory. But I fear that Brad Thor may face a far more serious threat from writing this book. His life could be in serious jeopardy. Hopefully not, but I know there are many who would not take so kindly to the idea that he presents in this ‘fictional’ tale. Brad Thor has even acknowledged that his very life may be at stake in writing this book, but that he believes the essential premise that this ‘lost revelation to Muhammed’ truly exists and feels that he had to write about it.

I will share more once I have completed my reading, but if you like page turners full of action and mystery then this is a book for you to check out.