Mario_Kart_WiiThis past week Jaime and I bought Mario Kart Wii for the kids. The kids don’t know we have it yet, but they soon will when they see the steering wheels on the couch in the living room this weekend. So, as all parents should do we ‘tested’ the game this week. And wow, this is an amazingly addictive game. The controls using the steering wheel pull you into the game more, the tracks are visually impressive, and you can use either Go-karts or Motorcycles. And there is a multiplayer option for those times when you really want to get beat up bad by a 5 year old on the other side of the planet. ( I write from experience. )

So, in short if you are wanting some good wholesome family fun, I highly recommend Mario Kart Wii, especially since it only costs a little bit more than taking the family to see one movie at the theatre.