Over the weekend I was able to get my hands on the CECT p168+. It is an unlocked GSM phone that will work on pretty much any GSM cellular network in the world. And it resembles the famous iPhone that everyone is drooling over.

cect p168+

I want to begin this review by saying that if you love the iPhone interface and are considering this iClone, the CECT p168+ is not for you. You will need to get an iPhone to satisfy your phone craving. Trust me you will end up being disappointed. The initial screen of the p168+ and the physical look of the phone are really where the resemblance with the iPhone ends. If you are wanting a phone with a lot of features, or simply want to have a conversation starter the CECT p168+ might be something you will be interested in.

The CECT p168+ is a phone with a lot of features for the price. (available on eBay from $100- $200 ) It is a touch screen phone that also comes with a stylus. The stylus is handy for using the keyboard that appears on the screen, just about every other function you can simply use your finger for. (if you have gigantic fingers you may need to use the stylus for everything).

The phone comes with two batteries and the phone charger can charge the phone and the additional battery. I haven’t had a phone that has come with this since I was just out of high school (over 10 years ago). My first thought was “Oh man, the battery life is going to be horrible.” However, yesterday I used the phone with my Bluetooth headphones for two hours and talked on it for about an hour yesterday and my battery only dropped one bar. So, I am pleased with the battery life so far.

You can also use the included USB charging cable to plug the phone into a PC or a MAC and access the Micro SD Card. This made it very handy to move my .mp3 files over to the phone. ( To accomplish this I did have to make a setting change in the phones engineering mode, and I was really annoyed by this. )

The MP3 player on the phone works. I am not extremely happy with it since it can’t use playlists. But since I will probably only be using it occasionally as an MP3 player this isn’t a huge issue for me. It also displays the MP3 file name rather than the ID3 tag name for the song. This is another annoying little issue.

Bluetooth works perfectly on the phone. I have connected my Bluetooth headphones and headset without any problems. (Motorola M9 headphones and Anycom Headset)

I have taken a couple of pictures, and the quality is ok. But it is a phone so I don’t expect amazing picture quality. This will be handy for those times where I bump into Bigfoot or the Lockness Monster and will need proof so people won’t think I am crazy. Other than that I doubt I will use the camera feature much. The phone can also do video, and I haven’t messed with this at all. I doubt it is great quality video, but hey everyone gets excited about low quality video on youtube.com now, so maybe I can take some clever videos and join the craze.

Overall this phone does just about everything I would want a phone to do. I am very pleased with the CECT p168+. The only feature that I really wish was present would be to say a name and have the phone call one of my contacts. (My last couple of phones have had this feature) I used this feature often, and now I can’t do that. My workaround is to use the speed dial feature on the phone to call 1 of 9 people with only a couple presses on the phone.

I would rate this phone an 8 on a scale from 1-10. I know a ton of people are wanting this phone because they want an iPhone. I want to reiterate that if you are one of those people you will be disappointed in this phone. If you want a phone with some great features or is eye catching the CECT p168+ might be a good addition to your cell phone collection.

– The USB port is not standard on the phone so you need their special cable. (it comes with one though, so this is good)
– The USB port on the phone is also the headphone jack so to plug in normal headphones you will need to find an adapter (The phone does come with some headphones you can use.)
– No Voice Dial Feature for the phonebook
– The MP3 player can’t use playlists
– To use the phone as a storage drive you need to change some settings that are far from obvious
– No 802.11x Wi-Fi access

– MP3 Player
– Camera
– Digital Camcorder
– Picture Viewer
– Video Player
– MP3 Ringtones
– Touchscreen
– Slide to Unlock

If you are looking for setting changes or tons of details about this phone I found a discussion forum http://cectp168.freeforums.org Updated: http://forum.kevozzy.com/viewforum.php?f=11 , where you can register and get tons of information about the CECT p168+.