Pirates vs Ninjas

A friend of mine recruited me to become a Ninja on the popular social networking site called ‘facebook‘. Well, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about why I like Ninjas better than Pirates.

Cons for Pirates
– They tend to have a bad odor
– They hang out on a ship with other men
– They often are missing limbs or eyes or other random body parts
– They roam the earth looking for treasure (seems sorta boring…)

Pros for Ninjas
– They are not pirates
– They fight for honor and justice, not for greed
– They are sneaky
– They get to wear cool outfits
– They even have a humerous spokesperson ( askaninja.com )
– And they get lots of gadgets to play with, sorta like Batman. (throwing stars, nunchucks, swords, poison darts….)

So if after reading this ever so brief review you would like to join my growing army of Ninja’s on facebook please follow this link and become a facebook Ninja today! http://apps.facebook.com/piratesninjas/?i=502858122