Last night Jaime and I were at the Honda dealership from 6:00pm – almost 11:00pm. We remained very stubborn and ended up getting about a hundred dollars more for our Explorer than we needed. It was nice to be able to talk them up $2,100 on the value of our trade. But I must admit Jaime really pulled that off, I was near caving into a lesser deal but she held her ground and they came back with exactly what we asked for.

Last night we left with a white 2007 Honda Fit. This is a very functional and fun car and each month we are actually spending less money than we were on the Explorer. And this car has a warranty so if something breaks, peace of mind. I like that. (I am about as mechanically inclined as a rutabaga is to auto repair)

We did get the sports package on the car instead of just the base model, this was planned before we went into the dealership last night.

The sports package comes with Alloy wheels, upgraded stereo, auxilary jack for the stereo, manual shift paddles for the automatic transmission (now this is a very fun feature), body kit, and fog lamps. And this package only increases the price about $1,000. A package that I actually think is worth the extra money.

What I like about the Fit:
Gas Mileage The Fit gets 34 mpg in town and 37 mpg on the highway. This doubles the mileage of my explorer, so my gas costs just dropped in half. And as gas prices continue to rise this savings will become bigger each time gas prices go up.
Very functional. The seats can be configured in a few different ways to optimize storage space. This is a small car but it can hold a lot of stuff.
Priced right. The Fit comes with all of the extras you may want in the base model and the sports package is affordable and has some nice perks as well. In my opinion the Fit beats the competition at price and features. It is possible to get a Yaris cheaper but not by much and good luck finding a good deal on the Nissan Versa in Fort Myers. Even though the Fit is supposed to be the most expensive car I was looking at it was actually on par with the Yaris if you add in all of the features to the Yaris base price.
Fun It is simply a fun car to drive. I know the fun will wear off though so this is no reason to buy the car, just a perk for a few months.
Excellent handling This is a small car so it of course handles much better than my explorer, but you also don’t feel like you are driving a tiny little car while you are driving, it feels like a normal car because you sit a bit higher up.

So I am excited to save some money as I drive to work this morning.

(some thoughts on Ezekiel coming soon…….)