We have narrowed down the our options to these three cars. Each gets great mileage and has its own perks.

The Honda Fit.

Honda Fit

– The back seats fold into the floor giving a very nice storage area or area for JoJo “The World’s Greatest Greyhound”
– The inside feels like a normal car, not something futuristic.

– No financing incentives
– Worst warranty of the three
– Highest pricetag

Nisan Versa

Nissan Versa

– lots of extras. Bluetooth, aux jack for MP3 player, 6 disc CD changer
– Nice financing options

– The rear seats do not fold flat so JoJo would not have a flat service to be on

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

– Least expensive option
– Best gas mileage

– Only two doors
– looks kinda funny

Yesterday we looked at the Yaris and the Matrix and officially ruled the Matrix out, it just costs too much.

Today our plan is to check out the Versa and the Fit. Car shopping fun!