Pray for WyattLord, do you hear our cries? Do you see this little boy that desperately needs healing that only you can do? I come to you pleading for Wyatt. Heal him. Reveal your mighty and powerful hand. Do what is impossible for us. Work a Miracle for Wyatt and restore him. I can’t fathom the heartache that Brad & Abby are facing. Be their comfort. Please Lord hear the prayers of thousands of people around the world seeking healing for Wyatt. Jesus said those who would believe in Him would do the same works and even greater works than what He has done. Let the whole world see that you are still a God who heals. A God who cares for His people. A God who performs Miracles.

I know from your words to Job that we can’t begin to comprehend why you allow things to happen. We as your children are struggling to comprehend why this has happened. So, I plead that you would work a miracle in healing Wyatt. Astound the world. You are the God who has created all things. You are sovereign over all. You give us life and take it away. Today we ask that you restore a young boy for your Glory.

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April 3rd 2018, 07:24