You are still in the womb as I write this, but you could be days away from being born. Your Mom and I anticipate seeing you for the first time very soon. The excitement of seeing you is something that is truly impossible to describe.

I want to tell you about something truly historic that has happened today. Your Mom and I have watched history unfold. We watched as America elected the first African American President! I am so grateful that you will be growing up in a society that has overcome a great deal of racism and bigotry. We have hope that this country will continue to provide opportunity for anyone, regardless of their skin color, ethnic background, or gender. Today marked a huge moment for the United States of America.

Son, I also want you to know that I truly wish I had been able to vote for the first African American President. I did cast a vote for the losing candidate, but it had nothing to do with race or ethnic background. My vote in large part was because of my concern for children who are unborn, children just like you Jack. Barack Obama is an advocate for what society is calling ‘Abortion Rights’. Essentially this gives a woman the right to kill her unborn child. Your Mom and I consider this practice of abortion to be a silent holocaust, one that is killing over a million children each year within the United States. I was unable in good conscience to cast a vote for Barack Obama, even though I wanted to be part of making this historic moment a reality, electing the first African American President. Yet, even though I did not cast a vote for Barack Obama, I am so proud to live in an America that has elected an African American to be President. And I am so grateful that your history books will have a picture in them that will look like this.

It is with much love and anticipation that I write this to you my son.