It has been a while since I have provided a life update, so I thought I would take a moment and share some of the happenings in my life.

Baby Update
The baby is doing well and in two weeks we should be able to learn if the baby is a boy or a girl. I am really excited about this, and Jaime’s belly is beginning to get a bit bigger and we can occasionally feel the baby moving around. Jaime is also feeling better, has more energy and isn’t sick anymore. Yay!

Adoption Update
The process has become complicated, and I don’t really want to share all of the intricacies of how this is going on the blog, so give me a call if you are interested in hearing the ever exciting status of our future 11 year old and 13 year old (just had a birthday two days ago!) You can also follow me on and get frequent (literally almost daily) small updates about what is going on in my life. [with Twitter you can get the updates on your mobile phone as a text message if you want, or you can get them through a IM client, or at the Twitter website. It is a really sweet service.]

My son and I are going to begin running this evening. I am starting the Couch-to-5k plan over again, and now I have an exercise partner, so the plan to actually lose weight and run a half marathon may still come to fruition.

I have been making poor eating choices and need to get back to watching my health. I eat when I am stressed, and life has certainly been very stressful lately, so that is my excuse of the moment for falling back into my bad eating habits.

30!!!Turning 30
Monday June 30th I turn 30 years old and have organized my own pre-birthday gathering on June 28th. To get more information about this check me out on Facebook, where this event has been organized.