cubs foreverI have told a few people that a dream come true for me would be if the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Rays played each other in the 2008 World Series. I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan but it is rare for me to ever get to see them play. They play the Rays this June, so I am planning on catching one of those games, but it would be much more amazing to head up to Tampa and watch a World Series game. I know this would be a long shot, but I can hope. 🙂

I had mentioned this idea to some a few months ago and it was clear that everyone thought I was completely insane to think that anything like that could ever have even the remotest chance of happening. And I agree. But the tide might be turning, could the dream come true?

As of today the Chicago Cubs are tied for the best record in baseball right now and the Tampa Bay Rays are kicking up some dust as they are only half a game back from the #1 position in the American league East. So, maybe, just maybe my dream scenario could come true. I have hope. Maybe I will get a chance to see the Chicago Cubs in a World Series game this fall in the Sunshine State.