This past Sunday the kids came over to see our house. And the visit was really good. They had questions about changing colors in their rooms and where they would study. (there are no desks in the rooms yet) We had lunch at the house, played with JoJo ‘The World’s Greatest Greyhound’ in the backyard, watched Spider-Man and then went out to Bokeelia and enjoyed the gulf coast. And when 4:00 came they wanted to stay with us a bit longer, which was nice, so we called their house parents and got permission for an extended visit and took them to Burger King for dinner. (yes, a very healthy choice, I know.)

We will be talking with their case worker this week to determine how frequent our visits will be, and how the process will unfold from this point forward.

Life will be changing soon! And we are very excited to be following what God wants us to be doing right now.

PS: I am going to be getting back into the Couch to 5k plan soon and heading back to the gym. I am in a 2 month slump that needs to end soon. I also need to start making better food choices when I eat. I only have 25 more lbs to lose, and I really want those pounds gone by the time I am 30, and that is coming up really fast.