I really wanted to write something clever today but I can’t seem to find the words to say anything clever. Or to even write about something remotely interesting. So, instead I am writing about not actually writing about anything. I wonder if this is how episodes of Seinfeld got written?

It is really strange how writers block works. You have ideas, and things you would like to write about. But, no matter what you do the words just won’t flow out. It is very frustrating. So frustrating, that I think the only thing you can actually do is write about the actual blockage that is occurring. This may even be very therapeutic. Maybe I should write a book about curing writers block by writing about writers block?

I am already beginning to feel more creative and able to communicate what I am thinking clearly. This may actually be working. The only problem now is that what is flowing out of me are these ramblings that you are currently reading. And as you can tell, there is nothing interesting appearing in these words. But I am glad that you are still reading. It means I have done something right, but I honestly am not sure why you are still here reading this. Maybe you are interested in me? Maybe you are simply bored? Maybe you are hoping that I will say something of substance before this blog entry ends?

Well…… I thank you for your time as you read through this nonsensical blog posting, and I encourage you to read many of the far more interesting posts on this blog while you are here.