Last night Jaime and I went over to the home where the kids are staying and had dinner with them. The previous evening they called us to ask what we like to eat, and asked what Jaime’s favorite flowers are. So they had the perfect dinner prepared for us, which we very much enjoyed. They also got Jaime a bouquet of flowers. It was also great to see them interacting with the other kids in the home, and the house parents. They are great kids, and I feel so blessed right now to be getting to know them.

Jaime and I have struggled as we have gone through the process to adopt in Florida. Each step always seemed to take longer than it should. But, now I see that God’s timing is perfect. That right now is the perfect time for the kids and for us, even though we wanted to be at this stage of the process months ago. One of the big blessings is that we are moving forward after discovering that we have a baby on the way. I believe this really helps the kids feel that we care about them and really do want them for who they are, and not simply because we want kids in our home.

So, this is a very exciting time for us, as we get to know the children that we soon hope to be able to call son and daughter. 🙂