HuckPac.comAlthough Mike Huckabee did not win the Republican nomination, he has decided to not simply be silent. He is now building an effort to help campaign for and support like minded candidates. Candidates that believe in tax reform, the sanctity of human life, strong national defense, real border security, less government, and individual liberty. Essentially, people who could help bring the Republican party back to its conservative roots.

Although I do not like that this movement is designed to support Republican candidates exclusively. I would truly prefer that Huck PAC be focused on simply the principles outlined above, because I don’t believe the majority of Republican candidates adhere to those principles in practice, but only in speech. When I look at politicians from either the Republican or Democratic Party I often see very few differences in how they govern, but hear plenty of differences when they give speeches.

I also recognize that for Mike Huckabee to have a real shot at the White House in 2012, he needs to develop a stronger and better relationship with the Republican Party. He was treated as an outcast, and a nobody during his entire campaign. If he can help the Republican Party come back to its roots, and get solid people into office, he will have a much stronger chance at gaining party support for a future bid at the Presidency.

So, I am a supporter of the Huck PAC. I will not support a Republican that does not follow the Huck PAC core values simply because they are Republican, but I will certainly do what I can to promote candidates that follow the core principles of the Huck PAC. I believe that the idea behind Huck PAC is to begin reforming the Republican Party from within, rather than attempting to build a new movement or a third party.