Medium ShirtYesterday my wife and I went shopping for a couple of shirts for me. The reason we were actually doing this is a bit silly. On Friday I took all of my work shirts to the dry cleaner, and they won’t be ready until after 5:00pm on Tuesday. And, well I need to have nice shirts for work on Monday and Tuesday. So, to solve this dilemma we went shopping. After trying on a few shirts it was very clear that I no longer wear a Large shirt. A medium shirt now fits me just fine!

I truly am shrinking!

Jaime and I also began the Couch to 5k Running Program over the weekend. To commemorate our running journey we both grabbed some new running shoes and hit the pavement. We completed the first two days of the program already, so all is going well. We also mapped out a 5k from our front door back to our front door, so it is neat to see the distance that we should be able to run in just 9 weeks. Crazy stuff.

New Balance 560

Well, I had better get back to the task of shrinking. 🙂