Last night Mike Huckabee had a very strong showing! The political pundits were shocked. Many Conservatives showed the media elite that they can think freely, and vote the way they want, and not the way they are expected. Mike Huckabee clearly showed everyone why he is still in the race, because he has a chance at the nomination! So I am very excited for Mike and his campaign right now.

John McCain had a very strong night as well but Romney did not do nearly as well as expected, placing Huckabee and Romney very close together by delegates. Romney did slightly better than Huckabee last night, but since he was expected to do much better than he did even this slight victory is hard to view as anything but bad news for the Romney camp. An argument can clearly be made that Romney is taking votes away from Huckabee, and Huckabee is taking votes away from Romney. So, I anticipate hearing the talk radio people yell about how Huckabee needs to get out of the race so that Romney can win. But I propose that Romney gets out of the race so that Huckabee can win!

But in all honesty all of three of these men should stay in the race. The race is far to close for anyone other than Ron Paul to even consider jumping out. This is a three man race. Huckabee, Romney, and McCain.

Here is the delegate count at the time of this writing:

Mike Huckabee: 190
Mitt Romney: 269
John McCain: 613
Ron Paul: 14

The only disappointment I had was waking up to learn that Mike Huckabee lost Missouri by only 1% to John McCain. Other than that one loss Mike Huckabee did amazing. He also had an amazing turn out in Arkansas. Arkansas clearly showed that they know Huckabee and liked him as Governor of their state! This means a lot and I hope America hears the message from the American people and not the media elites.

Congratulations Mike! I am so glad to hear that you are in this to win, and my prayers will continue to go out for you. I believe your vision for America is strong and that you are the right man for the job. - I Like Mike!