sansalvador Yesterday my wife learned some really exciting news. She has been invited to go to San Salvador with some members of the NICU unit she works with. She will be working in clinics and educating Nurses in San Salvador about premature infant care. She is really excited about this opportunity. The medical trip is in early February of 2008.

The entire project is 100% paid for and she gets her regular full weeks pay while working in San Salvador during this week. This is unique for us since we have always needed to raise money to go on projects in other countries. The biggest difference with this project and others we have been on is, that this project is not about sharing the gospel, but a project focused on educating Nurses. So it is a secular project, but is very needed and will be extremely helpful for the Nurses in these clinics.

The team she is on will also be with the First Lady of El Salvador their entire week! firstlady So security shouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe I can get Jaime to write a bit about this for the site in the near future.