I just read an article about a man who strapped helium balloons to his lawn chair, sat down and floated 195 miles in 9 hours.

This is a man with a lot of guts. Lawn chair, water, balloons and a bb gun. I think thats all he took with him.

Balloon Man

As I was reading this I was imagining what it must have been like to be floating above the ground on top of a lawn chair. It certainly must have been once of the most amazing things he has ever experienced. And he was able to experience this because he didn’t let the idea that “This is crazy!”, be his dominant thought.

I have no idea if this man is a Christian, but I began thinking about the ideas and things God may give us. Ezekiel was asked to do some ‘crazy’ things, and some would even say Daniel as well (to not bow down to the ruthless leader of the world). And I think maybe more often than we want to recognize God gives us ‘crazy’ ideas. Like ‘call up that person you haven’t talked to your entire lifetime’, or ‘start that ministry, don’t worry about the fact that you have no money’, or ‘tell them about Christ’. Are these crazy? I don’t think so, but when we get these ideas and we know they are from God, do we take action on them? I want to be more like the man in the lawn chair floating through the sky. I want to grab hold of what God is asking of me and follow through with it, no matter how crazy it may seem.

So I lift my can of diet coke to the man with the balloons for teaching me a lesson about following God, even though I doubt this was his intention.