Today has some special numbers in the date. Droves of people have gone to Vegas to be married by men dressed up as Elvis. ( yeah, I know thats really weird) Since it is July 7th of 2007 people figure this is a lucky number since in Vegas 777 is a very lucky number on the slot machines. Today I also had two friends get married in Iowa. Trisha and Ben. But they were not getting married on this date for extra luck in their marriage or anything having to do with ‘Vegas Odds’. They are both Christian and were getting married this summer and there just happened to be a Saturday in July that could have them being married on 777. A very good number in scripture, essentially meaning perfection. And it should be a really easy anniversary date for Ben to remember.

So how did I spend this ‘perfect’ day?

Well, Jaime worked last night so she was exhausted when she got home this morning. So I found myself at the AMC Theatre in North Fort Myers watching Transformers. A very well made movie, but they could have left out all the stuff about the 16 year old lead character lusting after a 15 or 16 year old girl. So the movie wasn’t perfect, but it was good. Who wouldn’t like watching cars turn into robots and fight each other? Other than that this has simply been a nice relaxing day off. I really couldn’t think of anything more perfect on this ‘perfect’ day.