This afternoon I realized that I never recorded a song I wrote for my wife for Valentines Day in 2004 (pre-marriage days). And I had a bit of panic because I couldn’t remember the song. So when I got home I started digging around for the chord sheet and the lyrics. Once I found them I started playing the song trying to remember exactly how I sang it to her. After about an hour of trying I think I figured out how the song goes. So I grabbed my laptop, hooked up a microphone and recorded the song. This recording isn’t perfect, but it will be a good resource for me to come back to so I don’t truly forget this song.

Jaime’s Song
Written in 2004 for Jaime Carroll for Valentines Day. (Jaime Carroll is now my wife Jaime Bristow)

Download MP3
Download Chord Sheet (.doc file)
Download Lyric Sheet (.doc file)

The ocean dances to the Lord
The birds sing His praises
But the Lord is a seal
over my heart
His love burns like a blazing fire
That no river can wash away

In His love He has
blessed me
He has brought me a great treasure
More precious than
Worth more than I could ever imagine
He has brought me

My heart dances to the Lord
My voice sings His praises
For the love that is in my heart
A love that burns like a blazing fire
That no river can wash away