Jaime and I returned to our house from Kentucky at about 1:30am Sunday morning.

We had a long week, but it was a good week. I was able to meet most of my extended relatives on Jaime’s side of the family which was good. And last Wednesday we had a memorial service for Greg at the family cemetary near Paintsville, Kentucky. The local honor guard came out and led the service complete with a 21 gun salute. I was also given the honor to speak at the service, and I hope I was able to give comforting words and direction towards Christ through the words I spoke.

Though the week was good, I am completely drained and am far more tired now than I was before the ‘vacation’. So I have cancelled a Bible Study I lead on Monday nights so I can get some needed rest and relaxation.

So did I learn anything this past week?

I think I am learning the importance of family. Jaime’s family in Kentucky is a big family, and they are all very connected with each other, most living within a mile of one another. Though this is odd to me, I am able to see what a huge blessing a large family can be, especially when you get to retirement years. So maybe I learned that close family relationships have more meaning than I have given them credit for.