Yes. I must brag a bit. I was able to purchase an airline ticket from Fort Myers, FL to Dayton, Ohio for only $10.00 last night. It’s true.

However, I did have to spend 37,500 Worldperks miles with Northwest Airlines to accomplish this. My wife was able to do the same. So we are still benefiting from our global travels by getting nearly free airline tickets when we do need to travel.

The cheap tickets are really exciting but I wish we were taking this trip under different circumstances. We are taking Greg’s ashes to Kentucky as he requested. We will be staying with some of Jaime’s relatives in Ohio for the week. And then heading back to Fort Myers. I am also going to be doing the eulogy, and am thinking about what things I should say. I have heard some eulogy’s before but I can’t say I remember any of them. So I feel some pressure to make sure I say something that will have lasting meaning. So be praying for me, I have a lot of stress on me right now and don’t want all of that to get in the way of me saying the right things for Jaime’s family.

Oh and if you are wondering I will be in Ohio and Kentucky from June 16th through June 23rd. And if anyone reading this likes Greyhounds then I know one that would like for someone to watch her and my house for a week.

Maybe I will get around to writing about Ezekiel this week…. maybe…..