Something unusual happened to me last night. I went to Lowes to buy an extension cord and on the way out a man walked up to me and said his car was out of gas and he really needed help. He needed to drive about 20 miles to pick up his paycheck and then to a bank to get it cashed. I said I didn’t have any cash to give (which was true), but that I could drive him to get his paycheck. He then said “Then you would need to bring me all the way back to here, are you sure? Maybe you could just help me get a little gas?” I stood there for a minute thinking “Is this some sort of scam, or does he really need some help?” He then pointed to his car in the parking lot a 2006 Ford 300. A nice car. I then saw a shell gas station just up the road and said. “If you can get your car to that gas station I can put $10.00 of gas in it.” He thanked me and I said I would follow him there.

Once we got to the gas station I put my check card into the pump and he filled up $10.00 into his tank and he and I both noticed that this only gave him just over 3 gallons of gas. I asked “If you need more gas just put in as much as you need.” He asked if $15.00 would be ok, and I said “Sure.” So he added $5.00 more to his tank and then asked if there was anything at all he could do for me. I said to “Just do something for someone that needs help in the future, you don’t owe me anything.” He thanked me again and I walked over to my car and looked back and he and his car were gone.

I had only walked for a few seconds, so I was a bit stunned. I looked down the road to the right (the only direction he could have turned out of the station, and I didn’t see his car.) He seemed to have disappeared. Now maybe he just drove away faster than I think he could have, but it really seems like he simply vanished.

So who was this vanishing man? Maybe I will never know. But he said his name was Jerry.