I just wanted to write to say that my house has had water for three weeks! Now this is great news, but Saturday morning we discovered that our three weeks of water has come to an end.

So we are once again borrowing water from our neighbors. Our brand new pump in our brand new well disconnected itself from the PVC pipe at about 175 feet below ground.

And today we also discovered that we may need to replace our two water pressure tanks on the side of the house.

So through all of this God is teaching me all about wells, and water systems. I just wish it all didn’t cost so much.

Our well drilling company will be coming out Monday morning to re-connect the pump and then hopefully by the end of the day we will once again have water.

All of the issues we have had with our well has been very stressful and very costly, but I am confident that it will all be worked out and that God is wanting to teach us something through this experience. I just hope there is more to the lesson than “how wells work.”

In addition to the “fun with wells” experience I will be writing about Jeremiah this week. I will be finally finishing the book of Jeremiah either tonight or early tomorrow. (I know I have been stuck in this book for weeks, and my hope is that I will able to express some of my thoughts while reading this book this week.)

I hope to write again soon with a glass of water in one hand!