Prayer Request
My boss has been fighting cancer for almost 7 years. She has basically the same cancer that my brother in law Greg had. She is a Christian and has asked for prayer. She is feeling more of the effects of the new chemo she is receiving and the cancer seems to be wearing her down as well. So please pray for her, she is a single mom with a 17 year old daughter.

I have finally found a company willing to drill me a well to the depth of 250 feet at a reasonable price. So sometime next week the drilling shall begin. And hopefully by next Friday I will have water at my house. Yay!!

90 Days
Today I plan to do some drilling into the scriptures. (clever pun) I am now 4 days behind schedule and need to read from Psalm 109 to Ecclesiastes 1. This is about 40 pages. So it is manageable, but it will probably mean I won’t get around to writing more about the Pslams in this 90 day plan. I also need to work on not allowing life situations to pull me from God. I have had plenty of time to read, but with the added stress of needing a new well, I basically became a couch potato and watched TV or stared at the wall. I need to break that habit and keep myself in the scriptures, especially when there is extra stress in my life.

I have lifted 12,195 lbs this week so far and have done 1:42:00 of Cardio burning only 896 calories. So that one trip to McDonalds this week sorta ruined most of this weeks work. I don’t think I ever realized how much effort it takes to burn off calories. Looks like I may need to work on finding alternative food sources to go along with this fintness plan.