Ministry News
The past few months have been very busy. Jaime and I are preparing to move to Narok, Kenya in February of 2006. This is just around the corner! We have been busy raising support, making connections with Churches and Individuals so that we will have the fiancial and prayer support needed to serve in Kenya. As of today we are near 35% funded, so we still have a great need so we can move to Kenya in early 2006.

New Mission Systems International is continuing to grow. We sent a record number of Interns to 6 different counties this year and have a growing number of missionaries joining NMSI every month. It is exciting to be a part of NMSI and help people follow God’s call on their life. I have been serving NMSI as the Information Technology guy for over a year now. I began this role soon after Hurricane Charley severely damaged our main office building. Since then I have been maintaining NMSI computers and our network from two locations. Our office is still not ready for us to move in and it has now been almost 1 year since hurricane Charley. We are expecting to move into our renovated and repaired office by the end of this year. God has used my computer skills during this time of crisis at NMSI, and it has been a huge blessing to be an integral part of keeping our missionaries connected with their friends and supporters and being the ‘behind the scenes’ person for much of what occurs at the Center for Global Outreach . We are so dependent on computers that when they have trouble ministry is much more difficult from the Center for Global Outreach. So I have been truly blessed to help NMSI during this time. Over the past two years I have also served Christian Campus Fellowship as Campus Minister. Serving CCF has taught me more about ministry than any other task I have ever done. CCF has prepared me for Kenya in ways tht I never expected. I now have more confidence in myself, which is huge. But more importantly I have learned to trust God and follow after Him. I also learned that ministry is not something that you put together with a clear plan and run with. You serve God and seek after Him and make Him your focus. This is not to say that planning and strategy are unimportant but we must not make the mistake of focusing on our plans, our ideas, and our agenda instead of focusing on God’s plan, His purpose, His agenda. I am grateful to have served with CCF before moving to Kenya. Currently I am serving NMSI at the Center for Global Outreach and raising support for our move to Kenya.

Personal & Health News
Now to more personal news. Jaime and I have moved to a mobile home in North Fort Myers (about 5 miles away from our offices). The picture in this newsletter is the front of our new home. We are renting from Jaime’s Father until we move to Kenya. Jaime is a registered Nurse but since we are planning to move to Kenya so soon she was unable to acquire a Nursing job. But God has provided. Jaime is working at a lawfirm in downtown Fort Myers. Her boss is a Christian and she has been blessed by an encouraging Christian environment to work in.

NMSI recently joined a group Insurance program so Jaime and I now have Health Insurance! This plan has added $480 to our budget each month, but we are very grateful for this added cost because of the benefits. And we got Insurance just in time. Two weeks ago Jaime went to the doctor about a spot on her eyelid. The doctor discovered that this spot is no big deal, but as she listened to Jaime’s heart she heard an irregularity. So Jaime had an EKG. Her EKG came out abnormal as well. She has a shortened Pr Interval. Jaime then wore a heart monitor for 24 hours so they could record her heart and gather more data. Yesterday we learned that her heart is beating at near 120 beats per minute for over 2 hours per day. We also learned that her blood labs came back all very good. So Jaime has been referred to a Cardiologist for further study and treatment. This is a time of nervousness for us, as we are not sure what is happening. So please pray for us, and pray for Jaime that her heart will be healed. It would be wonderful for the Cardiologist to find nothing wrong and wonder why she was ever referred to him at all !

Exiting New Things!
We have also started a small business to help us pay our bills before moving to Kenya. We are selling computer products from Kensington through eBay. We are learning that starting a business is a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. We started our business about a week ago so we are still very new at this. If you would like to see what we are selling you can go to: . Our prayer for our business is that we will actually be able to make a profit before this October! Could you pray for this as well?

Prayer Requests

Jaime’s health
Financial Support for Kenya (if you feel led to partner with our ministry you can donate to our ministry online through NMSI)
Our new business
NMSI’s office repair