Something I have been involved in that has helped educate me about various health & fitness issues, as well as provide motivation, have been online communities of like minded people. I would like to learn about more of these communities so that I can share a list of them at some point in the near future.

Here are three communities that I am aware of:

A small but healthy and growing group of people are at , The Discussion Forums is where you can interact with people. You can also track your progress on this site as well.

Another community that I just learned about is Spark People , and this community appears to be HUGE. They have a ton of active members, in regions all over the world. You can also get lots of articles and information on Spark People to help you as you learn about what it means to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I just signed up over there, so I don’t know a lot about the site, other than my initial impression is that it is a great site. You can also track your health in more detail at Spark People than you can at

The site that I like the most for tracking my progress is, but I must admit that the community aspect of this site is very weak. I anticipate that this will improve in time. If you want to share your progress with others Gyminee is great, you can even get widgets so you can publish your progress just about anywhere on the web. (Traineo has this as well, but they are not as advanced as Gyminee’s )

The main reason for me posting this is to find out what Health & Fitness communities others might be using. So, if you know of a Health or Fitness community on the web feel free to post a comment with a link to the site. (your comment may not appear instantly as I will need to approve it to make sure the link you provide is appropriate.)