Last October I was given some ‘not so good’ lab results from my Doctor. I wasn’t surprised, but it was what I needed to motivate myself to actually do something about it. So, I then began eating better and working out almost daily. I have lost weight, but I hadn’t had a chance to see if any of this was making a real impact on my lab values until yesterday afternoon. Yesterday was my scheduled visit to check on my progress. I was a bit nervous. I kept thinking ‘What if my numbers don’t change much, even with all the hard work I have done these past 5 months.” I know my Dr. had mentioned this as a possibility, and if it was I would need to take medication. And that is something I want to avoid at all costs.

When the Dr. came in he had a huge grin on his face and he said that my numbers are very good. ( I have never seen a Dr. smile like that before, it was somewhat awkward.) He praised me on the progress I have made and then handed me a sheet with my lab results.

Triglycerides are now at 186, down from 371.
Total Cholesterol is down to 177 from 210
HDL Cholesterol increased to 37 from 25
LDL Cholesterol decreased from 135 to 103

Last October my Dr. focused on my high Triglyceride number. This time he focused on my 33% increase of HDL Cholesterol. This is the good cholesterol. He said that typically there is not much you can do about your HDL, and that is why he didn’t focus a lot on that during my October visit. He said that exercise can usually increase HDL by about 6% or so for the typical adult. Diet typically has a minimal impact on HDL. So he was very happy to see a 33% increase! He said that my increase of HDL and lower LDL cholesterol dramatically decreases the possibilities of me becoming diabetic or having heart disease anytime soon! This is what I wanted to hear!

I still have some work to do though. He wants me to see if I can get my HDL into the 40’s in 6 months and my triglycerides below 150. I am so excited to see real results from exercising and eating better. So I am motivated to keep pushing forward and drop those numbers! I am proof that adding in exercise and adjusting your diet can have a dramatic impact on your health! I never thought I could do what I am doing right now.

If you need a self esteem boost, I recommend having some lab work done then working out for 5 months and seeing the change. I haven’t felt this good about myself in years!

HDL Progress