Yesterday I returned to the Gym after being away for over a week due to my incident. Everything went well, and it felt really good to be burning those calories again.

Today I checked on the website and was curious about where my standings were. Last month I was 4th place at the Gym and I was aiming for the same this month. But since I was gone for a week, I thought that would be very unlikely.

However I was surprised to see this:

Could I get the top 10 even in January?

I am in 12th place currently and I think I can very easily move into 10th, 9th, or maybe even 8th place before the month is over. Now, I know that being in the top 10 list is not more important than my wellbeing. But I honestly feel fine and believe I can get those calories burned without sending myself to the hospital again.

So the competition is on again and I am aiming for at least the number 10 spot for the month of January at the Wellness Center!