Today I had my ’tilt table test’. The hardest thing about this was the IV they had to insert as a ‘precaution’. And they didn’t need to use it for anything, other than to cause me pain and stress (which is what I think the real purpose of an IV actually is).

I passed the tilt table test without any abnormal blood pressure changes and no passing out! I even received a letter from the Cardiologist that says explicitly that I can continue working out at the Gym without any supervision or changes in my routine. (My Golden Ticket)

I went over my workout routine with this Doctor (Dr. Priest) and he believes that the Leg Press was somewhat the culprit in what happened. He thinks that since I had done 45 minutes of cardio that my blood pressure had dropped a bit (he said this is normal when you do cardio). I then went to the Leg Press and exerted myself, forcing blood into my legs. The exertion also caused the veins to restrict helping keep the blood in my legs. I then went to the Incline Bench and exerted with my upper torso causing blood to need to go there. But enough blood wasn’t able to get there so my blood pressure likely went very high to get the blood upwards, which then caused my vagal nerve to halt this process from happening which caused my blood pressure to drop rapidly and induced passing out. Now, had I been on the floor I would have probably woken up within seconds or possibly would not have passed out at all, but since I was sitting upright it took much longer for blood to get to my head so I was out for a few minutes.

This is basically the theory that I came up with while being kept at the Hospital that several doctors didn’t think was valid. But Dr. Priest thinks this could actually be the real cause for why I passed out. Which basically means I did some exercises in an unwise order, exerted more than usual, and have nothing to worry about.

As far as the lower blood pressure results I have seen since the incident, he said to just be happy with them. He said they are not too low, that they are very good numbers that I should be pleased to see. He also said that some blood pressure machines shouldn’t be 100% trusted so the numbers I have may be flawed from the blood pressure machine. He said I should keep tracking my blood pressure and keep my eye on it, but to not be concerned about my current lower numbers.

So tomorrow I will be back at the Gym trying to not scare everyone who works there once again!