Yesterday afternoon I was discharged from the Hospital after my ‘incident’ at the Gym. So far the Doctors are not sure what caused me to pass out while working out. I am glad to be free from the confines of room 367, but it would be much better if I had some answers.

Just a few hours ago my primary Doctor called me and reminded me how serious this ‘incident’ actually was. He actually didn’t want me to be discharged last night, he wanted me to have one more night of observation. I guess the cardiologist discharged me. My primary doctor told me to not be active until at least after my next visit with a cardiologist for the ’tilt’ test. My Doctor is still concerned but is not sure why it happened. The concern comes from the length of time that I was passed out and that I was ‘blue’ when I was found.

So I am now living with a slight paranoia of…. living. I wonder if this will happen again, and I wonder if the outcome would have been different if nobody had been around to ‘wake me up’.

But other than some paranoia I am feeling just fine. 🙂

I am scheduled to have my ’tilt test’ done on February 4th, so I won’t be back to the workout routine before then. I am going to have to focus on my eating habits more closely if I want to continue to lose any weight during the next couple weeks. Granted losing weight shouldn’t be high on my priority list, but I don’t want to have any excuse to quit what I have started.