35In October I began seriously working out after my Doctor informed me that I have a really high triglyceride count and am at an extremely high risk of becoming Diabetic. So far I am having success in maintaining an almost daily workout routine and am watching what I eat far better than I ever did before. I have truly learned the value of a calorie. And it is this knowledge that is really making all the difference.

The tool that helped me learn the actual value of a calorie was Gyminee.com. Gyminee LogoTheir website allows you to log what you eat so you can see how many calories you are consuming in a day. You can set calorie goals, fat gram goals and more. After doing this for over a month I have finally learned how much a calorie is worth. And by going to the gym daily I have learned how much working out is actually needed to burn off a calorie. These two things combined have dramatically changed my outlook on food and daily activity. I used to think walking around the block was a big deal, and now I realize that it hardly burns any calories. To really lose weight you need to be more active than simply taking a short stroll around the neighborhood.

When I started in October I was 213lbs and now I am at 192lbs. I had a 38 inch waist and now I have a 35 inch waist. 21lbs gone and 3 inches in about 2 months! I am still not at my goal but seeing results is very encouraging. I hope to be near 170 pounds by the time I see the Doctor again in February and maybe even have a 32 inch waist. (I believe that was my waist size when I started college)