If you want to keep track of how I am doing on my diet you can check out my public profile over on Gyminee at: http://www.gyminee.com/locker_room/3435

So far I have been doing well with my new diet. Granted I am only in day 4 of the diet, but I want to feel some victory at the beginning of this week, so I guess I am gloating a bit.

I am going to the Gym Monday through Friday at 5:30am and using the Elliptical Machine for 30 minutes. I may add some more routines once this is not completely exhausting to me, or I may just keep trying to get more distance out of my 30 minutes.

But the biggest change for me is actually what I am eating.

Here are my Maximum values of intake for the day:
Calories: < 1500
Fat: < 50g
Carbohydrates: < 150g
Protein: > 50g

GymineeOver the last three days I have been logging the foods I am eating on a website called Gyminee. I am seeing how easily it is to far exceed normal amounts of calories, fat, and carbohydrates. I would estimate that on a typical day I used to eat somewhere near 4,000 – 5,000 calories per day. I munched a lot. And most of the time I would munch more than one serving of something. So changing the way I am eating is huge. And what I am finding is that by eating some different foods, I am certainly not going hungry. I am just eating smaller portions, and different foods. Jaime has done an excellent job finding foods that I actually like.

However, I have found some foods that I absolutely need to warn everyone to stay away from.
– Veggie Dogs. These are absolutely disgusting, and to be honest they are not that much more healthy than a regular hotdog. My advice, if you need a hotdog just eat a real Nathans hotdog. Forget the Veggie version. My dog wouldn’t even eat it.
– Quiznos. Health wise, they are far less healthy than subway. And their salads are no more healthy than their sandwiches. If I were to eat my typical sandwich at Quiznos (The Turkey Ranch & Swiss) I would not be able to eat anything else the entire day. Literally nothing. That one sandwich takes me to the top of all of my levels for fat and carbohydrates. Crazy. Crazy I tell you.

And let me leave you by sharing one surprisingly good item.
Mashed Cauliflower– Mashed Cauliflower. Add just a dab of sour cream and it is really similar to mashed potatoes.